Monday, December 13, 2010

Out of the Ashes, the Phoenix has risen for the Maryland Republican Party

"Out of the Ashes, the Phoenix has risen for the Maryland Republican Party"

By Augustus Alzona, former elected 2-term Montgomery County Republican State Central Committee Member.

Right after the 2002 gubernatorial elections, the incoming Ehrlich administration chose to anoint a rich, local businessman, John Kane, as Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.  An Ehrlich-approved slate of other officer candidates (1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer, etc.), mainly white males with the exception of the 3rd Vice Chair and Secretary appointees, was also “elected” by acclamation.  That team of chosen candidates was officially placed into office by the virtual unanimous consent of all the state central committee members present at the 2002 quadrennial convention of the state Party.

What both they and the Ehrlich campaign did and/or did not do during their four years in office was partially responsible for the failed reelection bid of Ehrlich in 2006, plus the loss of Republican seats in certain key areas of the state.

Right after the 2006 gubernatorial elections debacle, somewhat of a free-for-all campaign for state party leadership lead up to the 2006 Quadrennial Convention.  Chairman candidate, Jim Pelura, whom many thought to be the Ehrlich and/or Party establishment's man, easily won that race over an insurgent candidate who felt screwed over by the Ehrlich team that year.  White males were elected to ALL the other state leadership (party officer) positions as well.  However, their particular racial status were not as harmful to the Party’s outreach (“Big Tent”) efforts as the fact that most of those elected did NOT represent their respective county constituencies as they should have.  Regardless, the credibility gap between the state party leadership and the local grassroots Party faithful continued on for another four years, despite the efforts of recently departed Chairperson, Audrey Scott (elected 11/2009 to replace Pelura, who had just resigned).

Fast forward to December 2010. - DESPITE the concerted behind-the-scenes efforts of the Maryland Republican Party’s establishment, with the open support of the lamestream media and the Washington establishment (regardless of Party), to maintain control over the rank and file of the Party statewide by the election of Mary Kane, outgoing MD State Senator Alex X. Mooney easily won election as its new chairman.

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