Sunday, December 5, 2010

An alternative slate to what the establishment and lamestream media would prefer?

In my humble opinion, the following would be the best slate of candidates for election as the new leadership of the Maryland Republican Party.

Chairman - Hon. Alex Mooney, Frederick County (MD State Senator)

First Vice-Chairman - Sam Hale, Montgomery County (Tea Party activist)

Second Vice-Chairman - Hon. Larry Helminiak, Carroll County (Central Committeeman)

Third Vice-Chairman - Hon. Collins Bailey, Charles County (School Board)

Secretary - Mary Kane, Montgomery County (former candidate for Lt. Governor)

Treasurer - William Campbell, Howard County (former candidate for Comptroller)

What do you honestly think about these individuals and their qualifications for these respective offices?

Please post your comments below. Thank you.


  1. I really like the fact Alex is running for Chairman! I think conservatives need to take over and push the moderates to the kids table.

  2. Hello All,

    In general, we in the State GOP Party first need a clean sweep of our 'stuck in the mud' leadership, which has proven totally inept with new ideas, the ability to get out of our own way, and more immersed with the 'politics of personal gain' than with any definition of 'Party' as the basis for working in any officer's position.
    There is no real political strategy exercised, nor any real interest in building the Party, growing and helping good candidates, when the so called 'Party leader' in Bob Ehrlich, chooses to ONLY endorse incumbents, specially PRIOR to the primaries!
    How do you grow a Party, when only a select few are allowed to participate? Isn't this OUR choice?
    A primary which he tried to push past, with another qualified candidate given short shrift, who he tried to shotgun out of the race with the whole 'Rule 11' debacle when Bob was not even officially filed to run for the office at that point!
    Plus, he had three of his cronies take away any discussion, or vote, on this issue 2-3 days following the state-wide May convention robbing the true Party members of their right to discuss and determine how to proceed on this issue, even if it were accurate to invoke such an issue in the first place, prior to the September primary!
    This slate as proposed, (with the exception of Mary Kane), is a very good, solid one, who would likely work together in a cooperative manner to move the Party forward.
    Unfortunately, Mary Kane brings nothing positive to the table.
    With the 'past legacy' of her husband's near destruction of the Party, including his inept moves both Party wise and business related, she would only serve to continue a direct connection to past failed policies.
    We have to also look towards removing both the National Committeeman & Committeewoman, in favor of those who are not just 'insider political hacks', uninterested in Party progress as they are in the Party status quo!
    We need to have the Party officers recall, or be reminded of, the fact the Party Central Committee MEMBERS are the ones in charge, and not the officers, for their own personal resume embellishment, specially when they do nothing to earn such recognition!