Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some reasons why Maryland Republicans should elect State Senator Alex Mooney as Chairman

The Decline and Fall of the Montgomery County, Maryland Republican Party – Part 1 (Project to hold the RINOs accountable for ten years of decline)

In November 1994, the conservative Ellen Sauerbrey (Baltimore  County) / Paul Rappaport (Howard County) Maryland Republican gubernatorial team received over 41.33% of the general election vote here in “liberal” Montgomery County and was cheated out of winning statewide by a margin of less than 6,000 votes, due to voter fraud.  Nationwide, Republicans picked up seats in the U.S. House (54) and Senate (8), plus governorships (10), to net gain Republican majorities nationwide.

In November 2010, Republicans picked up majorities by net gains in the U.S. House (63) and governorships (6), plus a net gain in the Senate (6) minority.  The “moderate” Robert Ehrlich, Jr. (Baltimore County) / Mary Kane (Montgomery County) received a humiliating 30.51% of the general election vote in Montgomery County, despite having a local politician (Kane) on the ticket as well.  Ehrlich had previously received 38.34% here in 2002 with “conservative” running mate Michael Steele, the current RNC Chairman who happens to be black, and 36.66% in 2006 with non-ideological running mate Kristen Cox, who happens to be blind.

From the perspective as one who has spent the equivalent of full-time job hours, as both a community and political volunteer (activist, candidate, Party official) in Montgomery County for the last 17 years, I believe I can shed some light as to why the Ehrlich/Kane team did so poorly and how their control of the local Party over the last 10 years gradually brought about its downfall.

Though we now know that Mary Kane was not as helpful to the ticket as they had hoped she would be the local Ehrlich/Kane campaign failures should be equally shared with the local Party leadership as well.

In light of all of the above, plus much more of which may eventually end up in a book I could write about my 17 years of political experience in the state of Maryland, I strongly suggest that the members of the Maryland Republican Party State Central Committee NOT elect anyone to state Party leadership who played key roles during the last eight years of Ehrlich/Kane control of the local, as well as state Republican Parties. 

This is one of many reasons why I highly recommend that State Senator Alex Mooney be elected as Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party this coming Saturday morning, December 11, 2010.  As an experienced, three-term elected public official, he could raise more money than any other chairman candidate and has the longtime credibility with the conservative grassroots base of the Party, to most help both our state and local parties.  Maryland conservatives, as well as independents, will especially need his leadership when the anti-gun, pro-abortion, gay/lesbian/transgender lobbies, as well as other liberal forces, try to move our state even further to the left than it already is. 

A squishy “moderate” or less experienced conservative would not be able to lead the Party as effectively as Alex Mooney could, especially when this state soon becomes a battleground over those very social issues that the Maryland Republican establishment chose to ignore this election year - while they drank the liberal establishment’s “it’s the economy, stupid” political kool-aid to its peril - as evidenced by the 2010 election results.

Augustus Alzona

Former Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Member, Maryland Legislative District 16 (1998-2002, 2006-2010, resigned 10/26/2010).  Website:

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  1. Who ran the County Party in 1994 when Sauerbrey won over 41%? What did they do differently?