Friday, March 18, 2011

Power grab by failed Maryland GOP elites of 2010 - soon to be exposed?

Below quote is from a longtime Maryland Republican activist and credible source who wishes to remain anonymous.
   'Folks of the Republican State Party, two party government, real
election candidate choices, or supporters thereof!

    Coming to a potential head is a report to be completed shortly and
then published to the general Central Committee members by the State
GOP's By-Law Review Committee!

    This review report along with a draft copy of the proposed By-Law
changes should be out soon!

    Charged with a review of their clumsy past 'LCD Voting' method,
totally confusing and disliked, plus cleaning up some minor
inconsistencies present in the current By-Laws, what actually will be
the final recommended product?

    Will these changes help, or forever kill the 'Grand Old Party' in
this state for the rest of the century?

    Are these potential changes going to allow the GOP to move forward,
after clearing up some items which had the Party forever tripping
over themselves?

    Or will some of these changes result in the "Gang Who Could Not Shoot
Straight' again shooting themselves in the head once more?

    Did Maryland's #2 political party learn anything from the latest
election cycle, take into account and embrace the wave of 'Tea Party'
driven political reforms to move forward?

    Did the promise of real change represented by a needed & necessary
almost clean sweep of the 'Old Guard' out of party officer ranks,
which was a vast improvement, but was not complete!

    Or are the 'Old Guard Elite' using some internal tricks to fight back
& possibly reassert themselves into prominence?

    Will all those positive changes represented by new GOP Party Chairman
Alex Mooney, and the new leadership be torpedoed in their reform

    Are the old inner circle 'elites' trying to re-create the Get Along
to Go Along GOP 'Democrat lite' which has proven to be so effective
over the last 40 plus years fighting over token scraps?!?

    The jury is presently out, but some of the results may well be coming
in for a clue which way the wind is blowing now! Either these
potential By-Law changes will allow the GOP to get their house in
order, to move forward, or perpetuate the 'old boy' dysfunctional
party we have come to expect in Maryland?
Source: Anonymous

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  1. My Fellow Republicans:

    Having just recently reviewed both the proposed Maryland Party's proposed By-Law changes, along with watching a recent History Channel special presentation on the life of President Reagan (EXCELLENT!!) I am reminded of several points which are in stark contrast here, that need to be outlined for all of you.

    President Reagan had an unshakable core trust in the American people, coupled with a strong belief in the protection of their individual Rights & Freedoms.

    He had a instinctive, inherent fear of larger & larger government as a deadly threat to any individual's personal Rights & Freedoms, even those supposedly promoted by a 'friendly' government of any size.

    President Reagan demonstrated we have never gotten into trouble by being 'Too strong' when forced to face threats to ourselves, or showing any weakness in our assertion of our stance in protection of them.

    One of his most ominous warnings was one stating; 'I'm from the government, and am here to help you'!

    Yet, in my personal review of the proposed By-Law changes, they would violate every single one of those core Republican principals as outlined above!

    The preamble promises to adhere more closely to the words, ideals, and wisdom of the Founding Fathers, as represented by 'We the People' principals.

    Yet as detailed by these proposed changes, individual Rights and Freedoms would be either eroded, or completely eliminated!

    A serious shift of potential control & power would be now placed into the hands of so called Party leadership!

    While not necessarily representing the views of the recently newly elected Party officers, these proposals do provide the basis for potential abuse into the near future.

    I outline these potential changes as a revisited version of the popular historical song, retitled now as 'Party, Party Uber Alles' as a fair, shorthand outline of these proposed By-Law changes!

    We will never win, by abandoning our core principals and values!


    Joe Burns, Jr.
    Carroll County Representative,
    2007 & 2010 By-Laws Committees