Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why GOP central committee members should vote down the proposed, unconstitutional, socialistic state party by-laws changes

An open letter from an honorable, longtime Carroll County Republican Party patriot::

"Dear fellow Maryland Republicans,

Upcoming at our May State GOP Convention is going to be a review of
many proposed changes to the State Party By-Laws.

Any organizations' By-Laws certainly set the tone for, and guide the
progress of, or lack of same, for any organization. Either they
foster the goals of the Party, or they kill them, based largely on
how well the By-Laws are constructed, or are used.

As both a member of the 2007 and 2011 By-Laws Committee, I must
plainly state what has been produced from this current Committee, is
if passed in total, going to lead to another 40 years in the darkness
for the State GOP.

This time around the entire process was rushed, due consideration and
discussion of important points were lacking, or ignored. Several
damaging proposed changes were made, which were then pushed through,
over the protests of many Committee members.

While many members of the Committee tried hard to do quality work,
this was not the views of all the Committee. A specific agenda was
being played out.

Several punitive sections were added, and of course, these would not
have been added, if someone did not look to use them into the future!

An entire section, dubiously named the 'Judiciary Section' was
conceived. Although proposing to illegally empower the Party to strip
the legally elected position of any Central Committee member, where
they judged sufficient 'cause' to exist, was pushed through, in spite
of the notification this could not be done legally!

Basically, as many do not find discussions of By-Laws to be
interesting, take heed! As they say, the 'Devil is in the details' as
always! These changes, if passed for the current By-Laws, will result
in the crippling of the Party, if not the Party getting sued!

Not only would this cripple any fund-raising efforts, instead of
training future GOP leaders, we would become the Party of 'Sit Down &
Shut Up' lest we remove you from your position! What poor example
that type of move would set?

The ironic point is these changes taken as a whole would promote the
Party itself as all powerful, over top of the individuals elected to
represent the Party!

Thus we would be changing the entire concept of a 'We the People'
type GOP into a poor copy of the Soviet version of what a 'Party'
really would be, for our future! We would allow the crushing of
individuals, for the sake of the Party, or really, the Party elite,
threatened by new ideas and the Tea Party types elected in September!

In the Socialist Republic of Maryland, this will not do us any good,
but at least we will be in line with the rest of the State's


Joseph Burns, Jr.
Carroll County

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