Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Montgomery County Republican Central Committee 2010 leadership election results

On November 10, 2010, the newly elected members of the Montgomery County, Maryland Republican Central Committee (MCRCC) elected officers - indicated below - to its Executive Board.  Some of these newly (and past) elected officers played key roles in the Ehrlich/Kane gubernatorial campaign's relatively poor results in both the Primary and General elections this year.

MCRCC members are elected every four years by all registered Republicans voting in the Maryland Gubernatorial Primary election.  Officers are elected by their fellow members every year.

MCRCC candidates listed in order of total votes received from 2010 Republican Primary voters.

Last NameFirst, Middle NameLD DistrictVotesCurrent status
Gingrich Rachael R.At Large14671
Stern BruceAt Large14522
Mccullough RyanAt Large13955
Green StellaAt Large13447
Cooke Andrew JAt Large12998
Marks Meyer F.At Large12881
Vovak DanielAt Large10951
Starkman MosheAt Large10877
Alzona AugustusAt Large10702LP
Darrow Sylvia15th2687
Gibble Mike15th25871st Vice Chair
Green Benjamin15th2578
Sauer George Edward15th2559D
Kuchmy Lorraine M15th2522
Schaerr Martha C19th2359
Fenati Patricia A.14th2338
Beck Thomas Emmett19th2211
Hansen Rick14th2096
Sacks Sheldon E.19th2079
Lauer Larry14th1950
Bowis Carol G16th1922
Bork Terry14th1792
Koutsoutis Anne14th1776
Phillips Al39th1747
Caldwell David J.39th1708
Brown Jeff39th1698
Ott Colleen S39th1681
Neuder Lisa R.16th1662Secretary
Lesser Larry16th1654
Focht Matthew J.39th1650
Kahwaty Henry14th1636LP
Uncapher Mark E.16th1575Chairman
Osuch Kurt18th1526
Decain Vincent F18th1482
Bullock Katja18th1475
Pasenelli Jennifer18th1471
Abrams Glenn Eliot17th1455
Midlen John18th1438
Herz James Patrick17th1358
Roseman David17th1317
Ring Nelson R.17th1293
Wang Josephine J.17th1237
Alzona Marcus16th1222
Arthungal Benjamin14th1097LP
Khozeimeh Issa16th1060LP
Owen-Williams Adol17th1008LP
Gillin Joseph P.20th700
Stewart Deanna20th700
Cotter Jeanette R.20th6942nd Vice Chair
Cotter J. David20th676Treasurer
LP=lost Primary