Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Questions for MDGOP Chairman candidates regarding Republican NATIONAL Committee policy issues

The following are questions for MDGOP Chairman candidates regarding Republican NATIONAL Committee (RNC) policy issues which the Chairman would or should take a national policy position on as one of our representatives at the NATIONAL level.

1.  Why would you - or not - strongly oppose any efforts which facilitate the legalization of same-sex marriage at the national level?

2.  Why would you - or not - support any "gun control" compromises which infringe upon the individual right to keep and bear arms, even in the most annoyingly minor ways?

3.  Why would you - or not - support the thorough investigation and prosecution of violations of our constitutional rights and civil liberties committed under both the Bush/Cheney and current Obama/Biden administrations?

Augustus Alzona 2013-04-10

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Full 3 minute text version of testimony submitted to the MD House Judiciary Committee by Augustus Alzona 3-5-2013

March 5, 2013

I am Augustus Alzona, a humble immigrant from Asia, a Maryland resident taxpayer for over four decades, a business owner, citizen activist and community organizer from the limousine liberal occupied territory of Montgomery County.  I am also a former, two term member of the county’s Committee on Hate / Violence.

Mr. Chairman, honorable members of the Judiciary Committee, I urge you to vote down these gun control bills - especially for the following two reasons.

1.  They are inherently racist in nature and application. 
2.  They are anti-Catholic, anti-Christian.

No. 1 – They are inherently racist in nature and application.

During the infamous 1992 L.A. (Los Angeles) Riots, after the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) withdrew from the south central district, barbaric hordes of thugs assaulted and killed innocent civilians, as well as looted and burned down several local minority-owned businesses.  The decent law-abiding working people of South Central were basically abandoned by the police who had withdrawn to protect the more affluent areas of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc.

When the well-armed lawless thugs attacked “Koreatown” they were prevented from reaping mayhem and plunder there by my fellow Asian American businessmen wielding so-called assault weapons and other semi-automatic, homeland security devices with high-capacity magazines.

These gun control bills would inhibit, if not outright ban, my fellow law-abiding Asian Americans from possessing those types of homeland security devices, especially those high-capacity magazines, which are needed when facing multiple assailants carrying same.

No. 2 – These violate my human rights as a Catholic Christian.

As pertains to self-defense and weapons, I hereby quote from a recent translation from Latin, of relevant passages from the Justinian Code, a legal pillar of Western Civilization.  (Footnote 1)


Roman law was very protective of the individual’s right to defend himself and his property from violence, whether offered by a thief on a darkened highway or a soldier in search of plunder.

A provision attributed to the late fourth century A.D. reads:

We grant to all persons the unrestricted power to defend themselves (liberam resistendi cunctis tribuimus facultatem), so that it is proper to subject anyone, whether a private person or a soldier, who trespasses upon fields at night in search of plunder, or lays by busy roads plotting to assault passers-by, to immediate punishment in accordance with the authority granted to all (permissa cuicumque licentia dignus ilico supplicio subiugetur). Let him suffer the death which he threatened and incur that which he intended (Codex Justinianus (“CJ”) 3.27.1). 

The legislator then explains the rationale for this provision, stating, “For it is better to meet the danger at the time, than to obtain legal redress (vindicare) after one’s death.”

And he concludes:

We therefore permit you to seek your own revenge (ultionem) and we join to this decree those situations which a legal judgment would be too late to remedy (quod serum est punire iudicio).

Thus, let no one shrink from facing (parcat) a soldier, whom it is fitting to challenge with a weapon (telo), just as it is fitting to challenge a thief (A.D. 391).

This provision recognizes not only an individual’s right to self defense, but explicitly permits the private use of a weapon (telum) for the purpose of countering an assailant as well.“”

These bills severely inhibit, as well as subvert my human rights, as a Catholic Christian, to self-defense as codified in Codex Justinianus (Justinian Code) – human rights laws which even predate the U.S. Constitution and the founding of this country.

Please vote down all bills which inhibit my constitutional and civil rights.

Respectfully submitted,

Augustus Alzona

Footnote 1 - “The Roman Legal Treatment of Self Defense and the Private Possession of Weapons in the Codex Justinianus” by Will Tysse